1st City Motor Sales began selling pre-owned cars and trucks in Rochester, on January 1st of 2000. The entire staff consisted of two employees (Rick-O & Chris Jensen). Many local and many not-so-local people quickly appreciated our "Matter of Fact" way of doing business. In our first year, with an inventory of only six to ten vehicles, and no financing available, the store amazingly sold between 15 & 36 units monthly. In our second year the store sold between 21 and 45 units monthly!

In 2005 the store set a new record of 52 units in July!

In May of 2009 a second "1st City" opened in Gonic.

Currently First City employs 18 persons and 1 dog (Rusty)

We now have Auto Financing available for all, a reconditioning department, service department, custom webpage, an internet department.

In 11 years, 1st City has sold over 5,000 vehicles!!!!